ATN Engineering Oy - Cool Thermal Energy Storage

We manufacture a variety of Cool Thermal Energy Storage or CTES systems for the needs of industry, restaurants and catering. The right kind of cooling will achieve energy efficiency, ie the customer saves clear money. We always offer solutions tailored to your needs.

Ice bank

The ice bank is able to smooth the cooling load easily. The ice bank operates as a bank, ie when the need for cooling energy is low, ice is stored in the warehouse. When the cooling demand is high, stored cooling energy is used to smooth the load peak. With the help of the ice bank, a large instantaneous load can be achieved with the smallest refrigeration plant.

The required cold power is small compared to the instantaneous total power output.

  • Economic and ecological option
  • Small amount of refrigerant
  • Tasks peak loads easily

Cooling of drinking water

In Finland, drinking water is good, it is worth taking advantage of it.

Solutions for cooling drinking water

  • Safe and economical
  • Lineaus solutions for kitchen kitchens
  • Cooling of process water

Freezing is often a vital part of the industrial process towards a finished product. In process water cooling, we design water cooling on a case-by-case basis for each customer. With tailor-made solutions, we can assure the seamless operation of the work and the cooling. Customized solutions also save money and work ecologically.

Solutions for industrial cooling needs

  • Economic and ecological option
  • Safe and economical